Zhen Qin

Remedial Massage Therapist (Uses Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques, speaks English & Mandarin)

Zhen has all of her Private Health claim provider numbers, and is available in our KENT TOWN clinic on Weds & Sat


Zhen has a unique set of skills and healing based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and has worked for a number years in hands-on therapy in Adelaide (prior to that in China).

She has an ability to pin point the sore spots on your body using a variety of techniques such as: deep tissue massage, cupping, gua sha, dry needling, and acupressure.

Growing up in a TCM family, Zhen has a deep understanding of the five elements and the concepts of Yin and Yang.  She knows how the body’s qi (pronounced “chi”) flows and her knowledge of Chinese medicine is sure to bring benefits to your well-being.


Remedial Massage Therapy HLT52015
First Aid HLTAID011 Australia
Dry Needling Level 2


Acupoints & Dry Needling

Gua Sha (can improve circulation, reduce inflammation)

Trigger point therapy



For customers who fear needles, Zhen can use her magical fingers instead of dry needling to relieve your pain.

To make an appointment with Zhen BOOK ONLINE HERE or call 08 8357 3773