Athlete Ambassadors

Rub’s Athlete Ambassador program is about giving back.

Thanks to our loyal client base we are able to provide support for some great local talent.

Like our therapists, these athletes are lovely people first….as well as being chock a block full of athletic talent.

A word from Cindy… Why We sponsor female athletes.

The reason behind Rub Massage’s athlete ambassador program female focus.

I was so wrapped to witness Tiffany Cromwell lead the Australian women’s road cycling team to success in the recent Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.  She rode so brilliantly and yet again sacrificed her race for the benefit of her team gold medal.

Tiffany is an Adelaide born and bred 29yr old who has since 2008 been on the European Pro cycling tour. She is reknown internationally on the road cycling circuit for her road smarts, high work rate, combined climbing and sprinting ability and tenaciously setting the pace off the front. In 2016 she won a Stage at the 2016 Giro Rosa amongst a field filled with the world’s very best womens cyclists. Currently she rides for Canyon SRAM Women’s racing team, a German team filled to the brim with talent who have raced here in the Santos Women’s Tour in Adelaide. She has represented Australia at a Junior and Senior level since Jesus wore shorts, in both World Championships and Commonwealth games a the team leader.

And yet….if I asked any of you, I think you would honestly say, you’ve never heard of her.

How is that so? How has she remained invisible given her ability, historical achievements over a long period of time, Australian representation, national and international achievements….and on top of that, she is genuinely an incredibly nice person as well.

I think it comes down to 3 things:

  1. She’s female
  2. She’s female
  3. She’s female

Sorry to be repetitive but if you can think of any other reason…..feel free to chip in. And yes, in case you’re wondering…I am a feminist, it’s a necessary position I wish I didn’t have to advocate for but the evidence is presented to me every day why I need to stand in this space strongly. If you check out her CV on her website ( you would also agree that any male with her achievements would have their face on a stamp and a beer named after them.

Women’s sport is different to men’s. One is not better nor worse.  There is no comparison.  There are different styles, tactics, strengths, weaknesses, audiences and competitors.  This is no excuse for not reporting, telecasting and celebrating the best of the best in both arenas.  Another argument is men attract more of an audience.  Based on the 2016 – 2018 television viewing response to the AFLW  games (plus numerous other examples I could give) …I think we can put that argument to bed.  Exposure time plus quality promotion….the stadiums will fill.

Media coverage is important because Media = Marketing = Money.  Majority of professional female athletes are either paupers, work full time (plus train full time) or hold down part time jobs….let alone squeeze in parenting and other parts of their lives.  When the average AFL player receives greater than $260k and their female counterparts receive around $6k a season…somethings not right.

They are elite and they deserve more than they get.  More support, resources, media, marketing and money.  They provide motivation for our team to be better than what we are to build a better business so we can give back more.

This is why I sponsor female athletes.