Gift Vouchers

To order a Gift Voucher you will need:

  1. A credit card
  2. An email address

Option 1 – ‘The no human involved option’

  1. Hit the ‘Buy Now’
  2. Fill out the form
  3. We email you the gift voucher for your incredibly spoilt loved one.

Option 2 – ‘Talk to a human option’

  1.  Give our amazing admin team a call on 08 8357 3773 to ask any questions or sort it all out over the phone.

Option 3 – ‘Talk to your therapist when you have your next appointment and get one from them option’

  1. If I need to explain this option….you really shouldn’t be allowed out in public.

Please note:  We no longer mail out vouchers via Australia Post because the last lot went through Timbuktoo on an arthritic donkey and we are still awaiting their delivery.