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Rub Goes Online…

Our doors are CLOSED TEMPORARILY but our team haven’t gone away, just online 🙂

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Have a Rub Team Member in your home…

Our community needs us now more than ever. We are here to come to you safely through our Rub Online service where one of our awesome team can assess and design a unique treatment program for you to self administer at home.

We are experts in managing stress. We can teach you a broad range of techniques to help lower your stress so you can sleep better, keep calmer and stay healthier in what is an unprecedented time in our community.

We are here… we are here for you… even if you just need a chat over the phone.

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Remedial Massage

We do Remedial Massage like a boss!

That is — advanced massage techniques designed to find your problem area and gradually remove it from the body. Remedial Massage Therapists are THE rockstars of the massage world because they know more about the body, techniques and how to assess what each body needs.

We use a broad arsenal in our tool kit including hot stone and heat therapy, deep tissue, sports and relaxation, trigger point, cupping, myofascial and cranio sacral, deep dry needling, postural assessment, corrective exercises and stretch techniques.

We now come to you!

Rub Online.

You can now book a 30 or 45 minute online appointment with one of the team.

Just click on the Book Online button and hit up the therapist of your preference.

Our talented therapists can chat with you, assess what’s going on and give you some great at-home strategies to keep you pain and stress free. We have over 4,600 videos and exercises as well as relaxation techniques to get you through whilst we are dealing with this damn virus.

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The Rub COVID-19 Vaccine | 5 Powerful Strategies for your Health and Wellbeing

We will keep you updated with the latest!
Cindy, Owner & Director

The Rub Down

Cindy’s Super Smoothie

Shoulder and Upper Back Mobilisations

Mobilise Lower Lumbar and Glute Stretch

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$1 from every treatment is donated to our community

Over $36,000 given to animal welfare, kids in poverty and our homeless in the past 5 years