Posture Analysis

At Rub, we understand how challenging it can be to constantly keep track of your posture every day. With most of us spending the bigger part of our day sitting, the tendency to fall into bad postural practices is very high.

Even those who spend most of their time standing or moving can fall victim to bad posture.

For these reasons, as part of many of our consultations we offer posture analysis to our clients. The goal of posture analysis is to examine your body’s static posture to determine how it is affecting your skeletal structure and health in general.

Who needs Posture Analysis?

Anyone can benefit from posture analysis. The signs and symptoms of poor posture can take years to manifest. This means that you may feel normal as your skeletal system slowly degenerates due to poor posture.

Getting a posture analysis can help you understand how your posture is before it results in any life-altering signs.

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Why get a posture analysis?

A posture analysis may not seem the most important or urgent therapy to get but it is just as important as any other.   It compliments the remedial massage you’re booking in for.

For individuals without any symptoms, posture analysis can help you identify related health issues before they become symptomatic. This can help you start early treatment hence faster recovery.

For those with mobility illnesses or issues, posture analysis can help you examine if your treatment is working or not.

Do not wait for signs and symptoms, get your posture checked by us to protect yourself from any future surprises.