Mobilisation or joint mobilisation is a technique used to restore the full range of motion to an injured site on the body. It involves the use of movements to get a joint back to its full capacity.

Mobilisation is not a matter of moving the joints in any old direction. The movements have to be skilled and done at controlled speeds and intensities.

For this reason, it should be done by a qualified professional. Our specialists are trained to give your joint the appropriate amount of movement to get it back in shape.

Mobilisation can be used basically wherever there are joints.  Feet, legs, hips, spine, neck arms and hands.

Who should consider mobilisation?

If you suffer from stiffness around any joint, you can come in for a consultation and it’s highly likely that our A grade therapists will use this technique.

Those who have muscular injuries should especially consider mobilisation (only where appropriate – providing the injury is not acute). This is because joint mobility is heavily affected by injuries. Your muscles tend to restrict movement when you experience pain.

By allowing your muscles and joints some level of controlled movement, you can restore the range of motion and speed up recovery.

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What are the benefits of mobilisation?

Some of the benefits you may get to experience after mobilisation include:

  • Better joint flexibility
  • Faster rate of recovery
  • Pain relief

Does mobilisation hurt?

No, it does not.

Mobilisation on its own is not a painful procedure. You may feel some discomfort in the muscle tissue, but this is completely normal.  Your therapist will know how best to move your body with the least pain possible.