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Remedial Massage

Cindy describes Remedial Massage as “A whole pile of advanced massage techniques designed to find your problem area and gradually remove it from the body. Remedial Massage Therapists are kind of the rockstars of the massage world because they know more about the body, techniques and how to assess what each body needs”

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Bindi says…”Stress is a bugger. We all deal with a degree of it and as such our bodies suffer. Every treatment at Rub has a component of relaxation however you can request an absolute full on relax to the maximum treatment and drift off into space. Like Nirvana in a massage sense”

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Ollie says “We’ve all been told to improve our posture at some stage during our lives. But do you know what makes a good posture? The Rub team are well trained in analysing how you move and how we could give you some extra hints and tips on how to stop those aches and pains from returning….simple but highly effective.”

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Paul says “Dry Needling is not Acupuncture...but it does use the same needles. It is a great technique for painfully tight muscles. We use the needles to get the muscle to relax and switch off. You may feel some discomfort associated with the insertion of the needle, and often when the muscle involuntarily twitches however the results are amazing. Ollie, Cindy and myself all have this advanced level of training.”

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Stephen says…”The only type of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and a rare form of Nirvana. I use the heat wrap at our Unley clinic to deliver a treatment that helps melt away pain, muscle tension and stress. Coupled with this you get a beautiful deep tissue massage to help promote circulation and in turn a myriad of benefits to the body” Only available at Unley with Stephen Walters

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Miki says “Often our muscles get sore and tight from simply overloading them in our day-to-day activities. Maybe you work at a desk all day and experience shoulder pain, or maybe it’s driving long hours that bothers your back. We can help you out by giving you some simple take home exercises to stop you breaking your body and living more pain free and stronger”

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Q: What's my investment?

A: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” Anon

A:  We all want value for money and a high quality service for our time invested.  You will get the level of professionalism, skill and knowledge you deserve with effective proven results.  On top of that you have access to our broad network of ethical and skilled allied health practitioners FAQ (Chiro, Physio, Podiatry, Personal Trainer, GP, Dieticians etc)

The average health claim refund is around $30 so if you have private insurance and your therapist has numbers (see ‘Can I claim Health Funds?’)  you can minus that off the price straight away.

Kris Lajumin & Washington Chaves offer 20% off the price whilst they await health fund provider numbers.

Price List 2020/21

Effective as of 1st Jan 2021

120min Massage – 189

90min  Massage –  151

75min Massage – 131

60min  Massage – 109

45min  Massage – 87

30min Massage –  57


GST Inclusive.

Q: How do I book in?

A:  Call one of our great admin team on 8357 3773 or

Q: How do I know I am going to get a great quality massage?

A:  All our therapists are experienced, well qualified (some say ‘over qualified’) and continuing to study everything they can get their hands on about massage and the human body.  We do a thorough assessment process so we find out as much as we can about you, your body, your aches and pains and determine what YOU want out of the massage.  It’s not about us telling you what’s best, it’s making sure we work together to get the best outcome for you.

Q: Can I claim health fund rebates?

A: Majority of our therapists have their provider numbers with all the major private health funds. Please check the list below before you book so you know who has what.  Sometimes when a new therapists joins the team it takes 6 – 8 wks to get their provider numbers….it’s a pain in the butt but something that is out of our control. The invoices we give you have all the appropriate numbers on them so it’s as simple as emailing them into your health fund. All of our therapists are members of our professional massage associations.

All Health Funds – Ailsa Forrest, Bindi Rice, Julie Kim, Lauren Gibbons, Mitch Pearse, Sarah Hobbs, Sarah Thornton, Warren Dumont.

All but Medibank/HCF – Paul Averill

Awaiting Health funds – Stephen Walters, Kris Lajumin, Washington Chaves

Q: Is there a different cost for Initial Treatments?

A:  No but we highly recommend 60, 75 or 90min consults for a first appointment as we require that period of time to assess well and then get down to some treatment so you come out feeling different…better.

Q: How will I know the treatment has been successful?

A:  If massage is right for you, you will feel more relaxed (deeper voice, sleepy, chilled out blissed hippy chick type), have less pain and be able to move more freely.  You may feel a bit tender the next day but this is all part of the body healing itself so in 48 hours you should be fantastic.

Q: How often should I book in?

A:  Great question! Getting massaged regularly is the best form of treatment.  Having one every day would be our idea of heaven however there are restrictions that don’t allow this for everybody.  The answer is very different for each person.  Some people who are dealing with injuries need maybe 2 x 30 minutes a week until the body heals, other people like it once a week, whilst most would fit into the once a fortnight, three weeks or month.  Most of our clients have a regular schedule on the times and days that suit them.

Q: What are your Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions?

A:  View our full Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions here

Q: What is your Treating Minors Policy?

Treating Minors

A minor is someone who is under the age of 18 years.


  1. 14 years and under – Must have a parent or responsible adult present in the room at all times during every treatment unless express written permission is given by the parent/guardian and the treating therapist at the time of treatment and subsequent treatments.
  2. 15yrs and older – Must have a parent or responsible adult present in the room at all times during the first treatment and then when express written permission is given by the parent/guardian and the treating therapist at the time of treatment and subsequent treatments.
  3. The therapist may request the presence of the adult at any time and this supersedes all written permissions.
  4. The therapist has the right, as with any client, to refuse treatment should they not feel it is in the childs, nor their own best interest.
  5. If the parent is being treated, no minor is allowed within 1 m of the table during treamtment.
  6. It is recommended that all therapists obtain an official National Police/Criminal Check prior to working with minors. This should be presented upon request to the consenting adult prior to treatment.
  7. It is recommended that all therapists undergo Child Safe Training.


  1. When a minor is booked over the phone a note is placed on the file – ie Minor – informed that an adult must be present.
  2. When they arrive in clinic a New Client form is completed which contains a Minor Policy and Permissions section including written consent for 15 yrs plus.
  3. For Existing Minor client – All need to complete the Finger Ink form which will update and supersede all other written permissions.
Q: How safe is my confidential and private information?

Rub Massage is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles 2014 and the privacy provisions of all applicable legislation.


This privacy policy covers all personal information we hold, that is, information, or an opinion about an individual, whose identity is apparent, or can be reasonably ascertained, from that information or opinion. This includes information we have collected from people through our office, over the phone and over the internet.


Collecting information

When we collect personal information from an individual, we will ensure that we do so in a fair manner and that we let the individual know where and how to contact our organisation. We will only collect information that is necessary for one or more of our functions or activities.


We will advise individuals or the purpose for which their personal information is collected.


If we collect sensitive information (as defined under the Act), we will treat it with the utmost security and confidentiality. We will ensure that it is not collected for any purposes, other than those for which we have obtained the individual’s consent, unless the law requires otherwise, or other exceptional circumstances prevail as described under the Act.


Where an individual chooses not to provide requested information, we will advise that individual of what consequences this non-disclosure may have. For example, withholding certain information may limit our ability to provide relevant offers or services to individuals.


Disclosing information

We will only disclose personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act.


This means that personal information may be disclosed:


    • For the purposes for which we have advised that we are collecting it, and for related purposes that the individual would reasonably expect,
    • Where we have the consent of the individual to do so,
    • As required by law, or
    • Under other circumstances where permitted under the Act.


In the course of our business activities, we may need to disclose some of your personal information to relevant staff.  We will inform you if this is the case and will only do so with your permission.


Unauthorised disclosure or access

As Rub Massage is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals, we will view unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal information by our employees or contractors, as a serious breach of this policy. Appropriate action (which may include disciplinary or legal action) will be taken in such cases.


We will always provide individuals with a nil-cost way of contacting us to register a request to “opt -out” from receiving any product offers.


Access to personal information

Individuals will be able to access their personal information upon request. However Rub Massage may occasionally need to deny access to information in accordance with the exemptions contained in the Act.



Our goal is to protect the personal information collected by Rub Massage and its associations. Personal information will be managed confidentially and securely and destroyed appropriately when no longer required.  


We will monitor and implement appropriate technical advances or management processes, to safeguard personal information.


Data Quality

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the data we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date, and has been obtained directly from individuals or other reputable sources.


Privacy Inquiries

Privacy related inquiries or concerns can be directed to the clinic Director.

Q: What's your Complaints and Refund Policy?

Client Complaint Policy

We value complaints as they assist us to improve our products, services and client service.

This policy has been designed to assist both clients and staff. Rub Massage is committed to consistent, fair and confidential complaint handling and to resolving complaints as quickly as possible. We aim to make it easy for people to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied and we will treat all clients making a complaint fairly.

Definition of a complaint

Complaints are defined as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to staff by a client or member of the public in relation to our business.

It may be received through various means including phone, SMS, email, social media, handwritten, in person, in conversation or via a third party.

Recording complaints

All complaints made, verbal or written, are to be recorded by entering the details in an email and sending to HR Manager or Director ASAP.

When taking a complaint, record the name and contact details of the client, as well as full details of the complaint including the date, details of all communication with the client and any actions you feel are required to resolve the complaint.

Recorded complaints will also be monitored for any ongoing trends and efforts made to resolve any ongoing issues.

Clients’ personal details or details of their complaint will not be divulged to third parties unless we have their written consent.

Informing clients of progress

We strive to resolve all complaints within two days. Written complaints are to be acknowledged within two days.

Clients are to be given an approximate timeframe for resolution at the time they make their complaint.

Clients are to be informed of the progress of their complaint regularly, especially if there are any delays or changes to what has been agreed.

Clients are to be informed of any changes to our products or services as a result of their complaint.

Where appropriate, clients who have had a complaint resolved will be contacted at a later date to see if they are happy with how their complaint was handled.

Responding to complaints

All people making a complaint are to be treated with courtesy. Where possible, complaints will be resolved at the first point of contact. If appropriate to the complaint, frontline team members can offer an appointment at no charge to resolve a complaint immediately, with the complaint to still be recorded.

If the complaint can’t be resolved immediately, the client is to be given a timeframe, a contact person and details of our complaint handling process. Where possible, the staff member taking the complaint details will be the contact person.

At all times during the complaint handling process it is encouraged that staff members seek advice from the clinic director if required.

Complaints can be resolved by:

    • Bringing the complaint to the attention of the person to whom the complaint is directed
    • Dealing with the concern directly by having this person contact the client involved
      • Methods may include phone and email contact
    • Escalation of the complaint by bringing to the attention of the clinic director

Escalation of complaints

If a complaint cannot be resolved by the usual complaint process, it should be referred to the clinic director and the client will be informed and given an amended timeframe for resolution.

If we cannot resolve the complaint to the client’s satisfaction, we will inform them about where they can take further action (e.g., Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, Equal Opportunity Commission).

Refund Policy

A refund of either part or the whole of the payment cost of the massage treatment may be offered by the Director only when:

The complaint is made within 24 hrs of receiving the massage treatment and is in writing.

After investigation by the Director that it is deemed appropriate to do so.